Gout - Uric acid

I am contacting you, because I heard a really good opinion and a nice referral about your work from a friend of mine.
I am looking for urgent help!. I am having some problems since one month ago, something rare its happening in my body almost every night before sleeping, and in according to the information that I read in internet and the information from specialist I have gout attacks. I can describe the symptoms:
-It happen before sleeping, always at night
-My articulations and some other part of my body (mouth, nose, neck, armpits, elbows, dolls, fingers, back, knees) turn red, swollen, hot, I feel pain as if pointy crystals lodge in my articulations
-This takes 15 to 20 minutes to end
This could be related with an excess of uric acid in my body. So I started to change my diet, but nothing changes am having the same attacks every night. I need help. I hope you will contact me soon, to book an appointment and check what could be my problem and how I can solve it by my diet.

2019-07-18 Kategoria: Choroby autoimmunologiczne